Tuesday, 30 April 2013

do you ever feel when that someone you really need to be with is not with you as at the same time, you feel miserable. you bear the feelings alone. you cried. and you pretend too much to be okay when actually you dying inside. not everyone could feel you. or maybe, not even one. let yourself down. couldn't stand up. trying to catch the star and then you finally give up. all your thoughts going nowhere.

someone comes to you. He wants to be with you. He takes your hand to get you up from the dark. He bear the feelings you bear together with him. He cries with you. He smile. He wants you to smile for everything that comes to you. He wants to see your smile even when he's going somewhere and not be with you. He wants you to be strong. He wants you to love, to live. live the life He wants you. He loves you. He needs you. He protects you.
you worry bout your look to the people surrounding you. but with him, not anymore. you be what you want to. He gets you up every time you feeling down. He shed your tears when you're crying. He brought you to a special place. a special place called "Heart" his Heart. You feel secure. you feel like there's no one can let you down. you can be stronger. stronger like him. He lead you to the bright and right way.

you trust yourself. you can stand for yourself. you love, you live. and you finally,

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