Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I started to enjoy Plkn's camp. I met new friends I met a lot of them. Some of them are nice, cool, and satisfying. Yeah, its good to have them. I like to be in the class most of the time. And we have pass 4 module.and it was totally and extremely fun. We changed group for every module and it was nice to know some of new buddy.

there's a time that we have to write a letter to someone we love the most.
I choose my mom.
she's the only one in my mind at the very moment. I wrote to her something that she should ever know. something I've never said before. Something she has to believe. The letter full of my words. Slowly,  I cried. I miss her. It's like im talking to her, I could imagine that she's just beside me. I miss her. God, I miss her..


I ended up my words with "I miss you mom" and when it comes to signature, I started to smile. I smiled happily. Hoping that this letter will be sent to her. and so she'd know.
 when it comes to the address, I stopped.I suddenly stopped. I smiled, My tears start to rolled down on my cheeks. I shed it up. I continued smile. and talk to my heart "I'm a fool" where's my mom? where is she now? what's her address? where is she? where is she? I.. speechless. I took the glue and get it into my letter. pretend that I'm okay and I keep it to myself. I still keep it until today. Those things that she should know is still hiding. she still don't know. she don't know.
she don't..even.. ..know..

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